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PhD student, Sociology of Education Doctoral Program, Specialization in Romology, University of Pécs


Master of Arts in Communication Science (Specialization in Social Communication) 2010 / Master of Arts in Aesthetics 2010, University of Pécs, Hungary

Academic profile

I have a master degree in Communication Science that has provided a theoretical and methodological background in Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies.  Currently I am enrolled to the Education and Society Doctoral School. I consider my interest and approach as an interdisciplinary one and I am really committed to action research in educational ethnography. I have contributed as a student to researches on Roma issues related to education or community study and implemented individual research projects on the Collegium Martineum as an educational model, on the identity strategies of Roma young adults and on school narratives and identity strategies of Roma students in a suburban area of Pécs, Hungary. Recently I have made a fieldwork in a Roma camp of Scampia, a periphery quarter of Naples, Italy.


  • Demokratikus közösség? Közvetlen demokrácia a Collegium Martineumban./Democratic community? Direct democracy in Collegium Martineum. In: Education and Society Doctoral School Almanac 2011.
  • Rom slavi, rom rumeni: cigányok Nápolyban./ Rom slavi, rom rumeni: Gyspies in Naples. “Blossoming Almond Trees” Science Days Conference Volume 2012


education and identity, intercultural communication, intercultural education, ethnicity, action research in educational ethnography

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