Call for Membership

Members of the Scientific Community engaged in studying the Culture and Society of the Roma, and the specific problems Roma face all over Europe, are invited to join the European Academic Network on Romani Studies! Applications (as described below) should be sent to the Secretary of the Network and members will be included into the network continuously.

The background and the scope of the Network

The project of the Network is an initiative of the European Commission and the Council of Europe joined this initiative. The Academic Network of Romani Studies will increase the visibility of the existing scientific research outside the academic community and enable a more informed decision making and policy planning process in issues related to Roma at the level of European institutions. For additional information visit:

Structure and the planned activities

Experts will be accepted as members of the Network on the basis of scientific degrees and activities. The activities of the Network are planned and supervised by a Scientific Committee. There will be two levels of membership (1) full members and (2) associated members who will be recruited mainly among early career researchers. The only difference between the two categories is that only full members are eligible for and have the right to vote for the Scientific Committee. All members will be included and connected through the Network and could participate in the events organised by the Network and their name and publications will be listed in a database of expertise.

Eligibility criteria

a) For full members:

  • PhD in a topic of direct relevance for Romani studies; and
  • active in academic/scholarly research (e.g. having academic publications, employed in a university, museum, research institute, think tank, government research departments, supervising PhD candidates etc.).

b) For associate members:

  • MA with a topic of relevance for Romani Studies who are academically active; or
  • PhD candidates with a topic in Romani studies who are academically active; or
  • PhD in a topic with relevance to Romani studies who are no longer active in the field (active in other fields)

The Application

Applicants are kindly requested to submit the following documents:

  • A filled application form (the form attached)
  • A full Curriculum Vitae (including the list of publications)
  • Please indicate if you AGREE with the publication of the full CV on the website of the Network.

At request:

  • The Secretary might ask the applicant to provide a scanned copy of the document proving his/her academic qualifications.

All documents should be emailed to:

Mr László Fosztó, Secretary of the Network <>.

You can download the Membership Application Form below.