Elisabetta VIVALDI  

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Ph.D. Researcher, Bucks New University-Coventry, UK


PhD candidate, Bucks New University-Coventry, UK MPhil (2011) Roma- Health & Wellbeing, Bucks New University-Coventry UK / LLM in Human Rights (2009-2010) Rights of Roma in Italy (dissertation), University of East London UK

Academic profile

I have a strong interest towards national and European strategies directed to RGTs and, in particular, towards the policy-making process (eg. “Health and wellbeing” related themes).  I am passionate about human rights (civil and political but also economic, social and cultural) and anti-discrimination, principally, what concerns the recognition and achievement of all the rights still denied, or precluded, to the Roma. Especially in the E.U. context, I am concerned about the impact of intolerance and anti-Romani “racism” on the wellbeing of individuals and their communities but also on the inter-relationships between groups living in the same areas. Several sources officially documented that discrimination toward Roma exists and it is carried out too often by public representatives, media and members of the civil society have been often officially documented. For what concern my area of expertise, specifically at national/local levels (Naples, Italy), I am not only involved with issue regarding refugees/immigrants but I particularly pay attention to Roma communities living in an “urban environment” where multiple-identities & multiple-discriminations exist. I am also attentive to the deconstruction of stereotypes (eg.: Italian policies portraying the Roma as “criminal and clandestine nomads” at the center of ad-hoc “Nomad Emergency Decrees”).


  • Vivaldi E., “Il Vento dell’Intolleranza” (Wind of Intolerance) in Pogrom-bedrohte Völke 254 (3/2009)
  • Vivaldi E. (2010) I rom dallo sterminio ad opera degli Ustaša alla Jugoslavia di Tito” in Istituto Campano della Resistenza, dell’Antifascismo e della Storia Contemporanea «Vera Lombardi » (ed.) Resistenza Storia, III serie 2009-2010, pp.40-55
  • "Ánde Škola- Il lungo cammino dei “Rom Slavi” tra cross-cultural misunderstanding ed empatia, percorsi educativi sospesi e diritti negati" in I Rom e l’azione pubblica, Teti Ed., Milano.


ROMA, Human Rights and Refugees, History and Culture, Former Yugoslavian/Balkans studies

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