Jose Luis LALUEZA  

Country of residence


Brief introduction

Professor titular, Autonomous University of Barcelona


PhD in Psychology by the UAB (1991)

Academic profile

Development of communities of practices oriented to collaborative learning ICT supported in cultural minority communities and multicultural schools. Network with Prof. Michael Cole’s LCHC at University of California San Diego, University of Colorado at Denver and Universidad del Valle en Cali. Participation in EU V Frame Program of Research with Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden) and University of Copenhagen. Several research projects on minority development. Action-research projects on developing a University-community network for intercultural education and empowerment of gypsy communities. The Shere Rom network includes 9 different sites in neighbourhoods including gypsy communities, linked with the UAB, with participation of researchers and students i collaboration with activists of gypsy associations and teachers.


  • Lalueza, J. L. & Crespo, I. (2009). Voices in the “Gipsy Developmental Project”. Mind, Culture & Activity. 16:3, 263-280
  • Crespo, I.; Lalueza, J. L. & Pallí, C. (2002): Moving communities: a process of negotiation with a gypsy minority for empowerment. Community, Work and Family. Vol. 5, N. 1: 49-66
  • Lalueza, J. L.; Crespo, I.; Pallí, C. & Luque, M. J. (2001): Socialización y cambio cultural en una comunidad étnica minoritaria. El nicho evolutivo gitano. Cultura y educación, 13(1): 115-130


Cultural Psychology, minority development, intercultural education, gypsies empowerment, community intervention

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