BEREMÉNYI Bálint Ábel  

Country of residence


Brief introduction

Lecturer and postdoctoral researcher, Research Centre on Migration Studies (CER-M). Univesitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2007 Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies, International Business School Budapest - Oxford Brookes University, 1999

Academic profile

My main interest is focused on the relation of different minority (Roma, Eastern-European immigrant) groups with different educational systems, based on ethnographical evidences, from a comparative perspective.   I conducted ethnographical research with Spanish Gitano/Roma and Colombian Rom in order to find out about their cultural model concerning schooling, and the historical, socioeconomic and political factors that have been shaping those cultural models. Furthermore I carried out long-term participant observation in schools and studied teachers’ perceptions, expectations, class room organization, pedagogical practices and discourses in relation with their minority students.   Currently, I am the academic PI of an OSI-financed project whose aim is to evaluate the Catalan Government’s comprehensive plan for the Roma people. Besides research, I am also a university teacher of anthropology in the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain), and an active member of a local grassroots Roma Youth organization (Ternikalo) associated with the European TernYpe network.


  • Bereményi, B.Á (2012) Intercultural policies and teachers’ contradictory views. The Roma case in Catalonian schools. Intercultural Education Journal   Vol. 23/1  ISSN:1469-8439 (electronic) 1467-5986 (paper)
  • Carrasco, S.; Pàmies, J., Bereményi, B.A., Casalta, V. (2011) Más allá de la "matrícula viva". La movilidad del alumnado y la gestión local de la escolarización en Cataluña, in PAPERS. Revista de Sociologia, 96 (3) (paper accepted, in press)
  • Bereményi, B.Á. (2011) Schooling opportunities for Spanish Gitano students? Obstacles and possible solutions. In: Serdar M. Degirmencioglu (Ed.) Some still more equal than others? Or equal opportunities for all? – Paris: Council of Europe Publishing


Spanish Gitanos; Roma and schooling; Public Policies addressing the Roma; Roma and vocational training; Eastern-European migration; high achieving minorities; Colombian Rom

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