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Head assistant professor, Institute for Society and Knowledge Studies (former Institute of Sociology) at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences / Open Society Institute – Sofia Chief Science Officer (Head of the research unit)


Ph.D., Sociology, 2006, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Academic profile

I have a broad expertise in poverty studies using both qualitative and quantitative methods on subtopics such as employment and copings strategies, housing and living conditions, and healthcare (KAP and RAP surveys). I am interested in family and fertility studies and on subtopics as household structure, kinship relations, union formation, and fertility choices.


  • Pamporov, A (2009) Social distances and ethnic stereotypes towards the minorities in Bulgaria. Sofia: OSI [in Bulgarian]
  • Pamporov, A. (2006) The Romany Everyday Life in Bulgaria.  Sofia: IMIR [original title in Bulgarian: “Romskoto vsekidnevie v Bulgaria”]
  • Pamporov, A. (2008) Patterns of family formation: Marriage and fertility timing in Bulgaria at the turn of the twenty-first century — A case-study of Sofia. The History of the Family Journal. Vol. 13 (2008) pp. 210–221


Poverty, Family, Migration, Religion, Policies

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