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United Kingdom

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PhD student, University of Edinburgh


MA Central European University

Academic profile

I am currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Edinburgh (UK), writing a thesis on power relations developed by Romanian Roma in socialist and postsocialist Romania. It is based on a 10-year research experience with Gypsies. As a researcher at the Romanian Academy of Sciences I have worked in various national and international projects aimed at regional and local development of Roma communities. The most recent research project I have worked for was funded by the Norwegian government - a collaboration with NOVA research institute- Oslo. Together with my research partner, Ada Engebrigtsen, I have explored Roma short-term mobility to Scotland and Norway and their street peddling practices. As a result I have written a paper on the ways in which Gypsies through their practices and experiences construct the EU space as flexible. At the moment, questions of EU governmentality and regimes of citizenship with specific reference to Romani mobility in Europe are my main research and policy interests. In addition, during the last year, I have conducted research and written a paper on Gypsy Travellers experience of global Pentecostalism in Scotland and the ways in which it acts against discrimination by bringing authority and self-determination in their marginal lives.


  • 2005 Production and consumption of pop-folk music in post-socialist Romania: discourse and practice. Ethnologia Balkanica: Journal of Balkan Ethnology 9: 261-283. (Waxmann Verlag: Munchen)
  • 2004 Temporary Migration of Transylvanian Roma to Hungary. In D. Pop (ed.) New Patterns of Labour Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, pp. 145 - 164. Cluj- Napoca: AMM Design.
  • 2003 Identity Formation for Sângeorgiu de Mureº Roma Population. Romanian Sociology (Annual English Electronic Edition) 4: 83-115.


Roma, Power, Space,Govermentality, Citizenship

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