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Senior Advisor, Coordinator for Social inclusion Public Policies, Government of Romania, National Agency on Roma


Ph.D., Philosophy

Academic profile

Since 1997, when I became the Head of National Office on Roma, Government of Romania, I started to study and research in depth the Roma issue in Romania and in Central & Eastern Europe; my previous interests on Roma issues were related to a larger perspective (the so-called unpopular minorities: religious, ethnic/national, linguistic, sexual etc.), the disadvantaged minorities in general. My academic interest into the Roma issues is closely linked to the practical interest of developing public policies on Roma (i.e.; first Strategy for improving the Roma situation in Romania 2001-2010, the second Strategy 2011-2020 etc.). Also, I am very interested into the conceptual aspects of public policies on Roma in Romania and Central & Eastern Europe.


  • “The Wrong Step into the Right Direction. National Minorities in Romania 1990-2010”, second edition, Bucharest University Press, 2010 (356 pp) – first edition in 2005
  • “Philosophy of Abortion” (on other highly unpopular minorities), Trei Publishing House, Bucharest, 1997 (190 pp.)


Roma, National Minorities, Unpopular Minorities, Hungarians in Romania, Balkans

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