Daniele Viktor Leggio (Italian)  

Country of residence

United Kingdom

Brief introduction

Research Associate, University of Manchester, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures


PhD in Sociolinguistics, 2013, University of Manchester

Academic profile

I have conducted ethnographic and linguistic investigations as part of my BA and MA. My MA dissertation, later published on Romani Studies focused on language description. During my PhD I have investigated the role of the Romani language and of the Internet in the formation of a transnational identity among Roma. The textual nature of Internet communication allowed studying new, bottom-up approaches to language planning, language codification and language standardization. The research also related to the formation and maintenance of diasporic identities in virtual spaces. Furthermore, the role played by cosmopolitan practices and orientations in such processes was investigated using ethnographical methods. I was also involved in the activities of the Romani Project at the University of Manchester and have conducted ethnographic and linguistic investigations among the Romanian Romani community settled in Gorton (South Manchester). I am currently continuing these investigations as a research Associate with the MigRom project.


  • 2011  Leggio, D. V.. The dialect of the Mitrovica Roma. Romani Studies 5, Vol. 21, No. 1, 57-113.
  • 2009    Matras, Y., Beluschi Fabeni, G., Leggio, D. V. & Vranová, E.. The Romani Community in Gorton South, Manchester.Report commissioned by the Manchester City Council Regeneration Team (South). University of Manchester, School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures.


linguistics, anthropology, computer-mediated communication, media studies, cosmopolitanism

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