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Brief introduction

Senior research fellow, Institute of Sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Sociology Ph.D., Eötvös Lóránd University (ELTE) Budapest, 2000

Academic profile

15 years of experience in research on the history, self-perception and institutional representation of Hungarian Roma; studies on the postcolonial features of  social/ethnic relations in East Central Europe and the Balkans (supported by IWM and the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund, 1997-2004); research and preparation of E-learning material on „The Social History of  Hungarian Roma” (Ministry of Education, 2004); study on „Citizens’ Rights and Social Self-reflections in 20th century Hungary”; (supported by the Ministry of Education, Board of Educators, NKFP, 2003-2005); extensive teaching experience in social policy, 20th century Hungarian social history, history of Roma studies, and sociology


  • A reflexivitás problémája a tudományos ismeretek szociológiájában [The Problem of Reflexivity in the Social Studies of Sciences],  Budapest, Osiris, 2001
  • A Balkán képe Magyarországon a 19-20. században [Images of the Balkans in Hungary in 19-20th centuries], Budapest, Teleki László Alapítvány, 2005
  • A magyarországi cigányság a cigánykutatások tükrében, 1890–2008 [The Hungarian Roma in the mirror of the researches, 1890–2008], Budapest, Osiris, 2009


Roma studies; history teaching, social studies of sciences; family and gender roles

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