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Associate Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences / National School for Political Studies and Public Administration


PhD in Political Sciences, 2003, National School for Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest

Academic profile

I teach courses on ”Rights, Freedoms, and Identities in Europe” (Year 3), Nations and Minorities” (Year 3), ”Multiculturalism and Democratic Values” (Year 3), ”Human Rights and Democratic Values” (Master), ”Paradigms of Minority Studies” (Master), and ”Ethics and Politics of Memory in Europe” (Master).  Since two years, I supervised the Masters research of students in the Department of Political Sciences where I work  on the subject of the status of married Roma women and the positions taken by the authorities on traditions like early marriages. My research team identified the critical implications of the control of women from traditional Roma communities over their social dimension. I work to open a field of research on fertility, matrimonial, educational, economic, and successional strategies within the Roma community. This frames conditions to mobilize young researchers to study the issues of Roma women and girls and the public policies that concern them.


  • Naţiuni şi minorităţi (Nations and Minorities), Polirom, Iaşi, 2004
  • Right-Wing Extremism in Romania,, Resource Center for Ethnoculturale Diversity, Cluj, 2003
  • Romanian Helsinki Committee Reports: Human Rights in Romania. National Minorities Rights and Freedom of Conscience Chapter, 1993-2005


minority rights; Roma rights; human rights; multiculturalism; ethics and politics of memory

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