Country of residence

Czech Republic

Brief introduction

External lecturer, South Bohemian University / Faculty of Health and Social Studies, Czech Republic


PhD, CSc (Ethnological Institute Academy of Science, Prague) / PhD (Charles University, Philosophic Faculty, Prague)

Academic profile

E.D. ethnologist, sociologist, art historian and photographer. is one of the two  founders of Roma/Gypsy studies in Czech a Slovak Republics. Since the mid-1950´s of the 20th Century till now she has devoted herself to the systematic study of Romani life and culture, she made many fieldwork among the settled and oláh-nomadic communities and she made the first audio recordings of traditional Roma- songfolklore. Her photographs, what she took during the period of fifty years, now constitute an artistic document of everyday life and the roads the Romanies. Since graduating from Charles University Prague in 1958 she  has remained true to her topics. She worked in the Sociological Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Science, in Museum of Gypsy/Romani Culture in Brno, what she in 1991 co-founded, also works with a number of Universities and institutions at home and abroad.  For many years Eva Davidová was the lector at South Bohemian University in České Budějovice -Faculty of Health a Social studies till now and the principal investigator of a project , leading more students´dissertations. Her bibliography is very extensive.


  • Eva Davidová,Romano Drom-Cesty Romů 1945-1990.  Olomouc UP 1995, 2004
  • Eva Davidová-Jan Žižka, Folk Music of the sedentary Gypsies of Czechoslovakia -A Letelepedetett Cigányság Népzenéje Csehslovákiában. Budapest ZI MTA 1991
  • Eva Davidová/A.Fárová,J.Horváthová/: Fotografie Torst,Praha 2004


Ethnology of minorities - socio-ethnic changes in lifestyle and culture of Romanies in Czech and Slovak Republics, music and song folklore

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