Jean-Luc Demonsant (French)  

Country of residence


Brief introduction

Research Fellow (Postdoc), CEPS/INSTEAD


PhD, Economics, 2008, Toulouse School of Economics

Academic profile

As an applied microeconometrician working on migration and development issues, I have always favored interdisciplinarity, which has allowed me to break new grounds by exploring socio-cultural factors, and aspire to continue working in this direction. My research has always been inspired by direct fieldwork observations and is therefore of applied and empirical nature. I worked as an Assistant Professor in Mexico for four years and I have now been working at the CEPS/INSTEAD in Luxembourg since last July. While so far my research has mainly focused on Senegal and Mexico, where I conducted household surveys, I would like to turn to the understudied case of the Roma minorities in Europe. Since ethnic data are prohibited in France, I have started conducting interviews in Roma camps in Lorraine (France), and am currently waiting the availability of Roma survey data (by World Bank and UNDP) in order to tackle the econometric analysis on their labor market integration in Europe.


  1. Education and Migration Choices in Hierarchical Societies: The Case of Matam, Senegal. 2012. with Emmanuelle Auriol (IDEI, TSE). Regional Science and Urban Economics 42(5): 875-889
  2. Identifying the Skills of the “Unskilled” in the Mexico-U.S. Migratory Circuit. 2013. with Jacqueline Hagan (University of North-Carolina) and Sergio Chavez (Rice University). Revise and resubmit to the American Journal of Sociology.
  3. Koranic Schools in Senegal: an Actual Barrier to Formal Education? 2012. with Pierre André (Université de Cergy-Pontoise). Submitted.


Development Economics, Microeconometrics, Migration, Survey design and implementation

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