Country of residence

Hong Kong

Brief introduction

PhD student, The University of Hong Kong


MA Sociological Research – University of Bucharest, Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, 2011

Academic profile

I have been working extensively on Roma issues since June 2009, as a sociologist at Romani CRISS, one of the most important NGOs in Romania. I carried out research on Roma health (I coordinated a national study on the perceived state of health in 2009 and an international research on Roma childhood vaccination uptake in 2012 and authored a case study on health mediation in Romania) and Roma education (see publications above). I was involved in all stages of research, from design to fieldwork to data analysis and report writing. As a Master student, I worked on the issue of the non-clinical evaluation of patients in the Romanian public hospitals. The thesis aimed to provide a theoretical framework for understanding the social categorization as performed in clinical contexts. While not concerned exclusively with Roma, the work contributed to refining the analysis of social exclusion and covert discrimination. I am currently doing a PhD program in Sociology at the University of Hong Kong on a similar topic, but extended culturally to post-socialist contexts. Fieldwork will be conducted in Romania and Mainland China. The dissertation will capture the ethnic dimension of the social categorization of emergency ward patients.


  • Wamsiedel, Marius, Eniko Vincze, and Iustina Ionescu. 2012. Roma Health: The perspective of actors involved in the health system - doctors, mediators, and patients. Bucharest: Romani CRISS
  • Stoica, Catalin, and Marius Wamsiedel. 2012. A Good Start: Teacher absenteeism, Romani pupils, and primary schools in Romania. Budapest: Roma Education Fund
  • Surdu, Laura, Eniko Vincze and Marius Wamsiedel. 2010. Roma School Participation, Non-attendance, and the Experience of Discrimination. Bucharest: Vanemonde


Qualitative research; ethnography; Romani studies; symbolic interactionism; ethnomethodology

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