Martin OLIVERA  

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Independent Researcher, Ass. Rues et Cités - Montreuil (Coordinator)


Phd, Anthropology

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My PhD work focused on a specific society of Roma in Romania (the Gabori) and the way they develop and carry a distinctive presence in a composite human environment, for many generations. My study shows how this "traditionnal Gypsy community" is therefore the whole product (and producer) of a local and regional integration (idea of “Gypsy authochtony”). I especially developed analysis of the concept of "chance" and its central role in the construction of social relations not only between the peers, but also with the environment (Gaže and other Gypsies). Beyond the Gabori, this research led me to start a reflexion about the foundations of Gypsy ontologies and, in the same time, those of the so-called “Western modernity”. I lead otherwise, since 2007, a fieldwork on the Roma migrants from Romania in the Paris region (dynamics and strategies of migration) and the local actors of the "Roma issue" (local authorities, institutions of socio-educational sector, networks volunteers). Here again, a reflection on the concepts of "insertion", "inclusion" and "social integration", in a dynamic perspective focused on local interactions rather than on predefined groups, seems to me very important.


  • La tradition de l'intégration. Une ethnologie des Roms Gabori dans les années 2000, Éditions Pétra, Paris, 2011
  • Roms en (bidon)villes. Quelle place pour les migrants précaires aujourd’hui ?, Éditions Rue d’Ulm, Paris, 2011
  • (éd.) Roms de Roumanie, la diversité méconnue : études et perspectives, Études tsiganes, vol. 38, Paris, 2010


Romania, migrants, social integration, ontology, social work

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