Tobias MARX

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Brief introduction

PhD candidate, Ethnology (defence forthc.), 2012, Institute for Ethnology Leipzig (Germany)


Academic profile

My main interest (in academic thinking) is to find answers on (1) questions rising, when we have a look on previous and contemporary dynamics, maintained by relevant (Roma-) NGOs, and (2) the questions dedicated to sustainability of (their) outputs. In this sense I contributed my MA-thesis on the OSI, the “Roma-Decade”, and the feasibility of (and “prices” individuals have to compensate for) the “opening” of “closed” societies (Popper). In my PhD-thesis I focus more detailed on (ethno-) political and (socio-) cultural actors of these integration policies. On the instances of some Bulgarian and Macedonian “Roma-elites”, the thesis proofs the continuity and the heterogeneity of Roma-/Gypsy-leaders, even in one single group, since the beginning of sources about Roma/Gypsies in Europe. Further outcomes of the thesis belong to the questions of a) the legitimacy of these actors, b) how processes of modernization in the macrosociety are reflected and perceived by “the Roma-elites” and there recruitment strategies, and c) how these actors perceive there positions as Roma-/Gypsy-representers (or leaders) in front of a young educated and uprising “new Roma-elite”. My research experience range from yearlong working in Romania (in an orphanage for Roma/Gypsy–children), and field research in Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia, to month long studies in Dar es Saalam (Tanzania).


  • 2010: Roma-/Zigeuner-Vertreter: Vom Steuerübermittler zum Parteivorsitzenden. Arbeitstitel – Forum für Leipziger Promovierende, Ed.2, Issue 2, p. 51-72,, access 11.Juli 2011.
  • 2011: Die Offene Roma-Gesellschaft? – Zur Kritik der Integrationsideologie des OSI und der Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015. (In Jacobs, F. & T. (eds). Vielheiten. Leipziger Studien zu Roma/Zigeuner-Kulturen. Reihe: Tsiganologie, Bd. 2, Leipzig: Universitätsverlag, S. 95-124.)
  • 2010: (DVD-project) Shutka Shukar. (In Brockmann, A. (ed) filmprogram of the Institute for Ethnology Leipzig, Nr. 2.)


political anthropology, integration policy, politics on education, “Dec. o. Roma Incl. 2005 – 2015”, development & education projects on Roma

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