Maria-Carmen PANTEA  

Country of residence


Brief introduction

Lecturer, ‘Babes Bolyai’ University, Romania


PhD in Sociology

Academic profile

I am a sociologist, interested in Roma migration, education and youth. My previous research has been mainly qualitative. I also have policy experience in gender mainstreaming and labour market policies.


  • Pantea, M.C. (2012) „Social ties at work:  Roma migrants and the community dynamics” in Ethnic and Racial Studies. IFirst
  • Pantea, M.C. (2012) From ‘making a living’ to ‘getting ahead’: Roma women’s experiences of migration. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. 38(8) Special Issue ‘The Roma in the new EU: policies, frames and everyday experiences’.  IFirst.
  • Pantea, M.C. (2009) “Performing the border of child labour: Roma working children”, in Romani   Studies 5, Vol. 19, No. 1, 19–48. Liverpool University Press.


Migration, repatriation, youth, gender, civic participation

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