Country of residence

Czech Republic

Brief introduction

Assistant Professor, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Czech Republic)



Academic profile

Michal Ruzicka has been conducting ethnographic research on social exclusion of Roma/Gypsy communities in Czech Republic and Slovakia since the early 2000´s. In his ethnographic research, M. Ruzicka focuses on studying the "techniques of exclusion" as well as on the "strategies of adaptation", i.e. on the ways how the excluded Roma/Gypsy families under post-socialism respond to, adapt to, and resist to, structural social exclusion. M. Ruzicka contrasts and compares the forms these practices take in urban (Czech Republic) and rural environments (Slovakia). More generally, Michal Ruzicka in his research focuses on studying and comparing social and economic organization under extreme poverty, on studying the relationship between social exclusion and production of deviance, and on the social organization of body in human societies.


  • Růžička, Michal. 2009. “Researching and Politicizing Migration: The Case of Roma/Gypsies in Postsocialist Czecho–Slovakia.” Pp. 70 – 103 in Radka Klvaňová, Ondřej Hofírek, Michal Nekorjak (eds.). Boundaries in Motion: Rethinking Contemporary Migration Events. Brno: Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture. ISBN 8073251918.
  • Růžička, Michal. 2011. “Časoprostorové a infrastrukturní aspekty procesu sociální exkluze [Time-Space and Infrastructural Aspects of the Process of Social Exclusion].” Sociologický časopis/Czech Sociological Review 47 (2): 273–295. ISSN 00380288.
  • Kalvas, František, Michal Růžička. 2008. „The Role of Interpersonal Communication and Gender in the Agenda–Setting Process.“ Mediální studia (Extra issue for the Channels of Transition Conference) 3: 278–299. ISSN 1801–9978.


Urban sociology; urban ethnography; Post-socialism; Roma/Gypsies; social exclusion / poverty

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