Olga MAGANO (Portuguese)

Country of residence


Brief introduction

Professor, Universidade Aberta / teacher Open University (Portugal)


PhD Sociology, 2011, Universidade Aberta (Open University – Portugal)

Academic profile

I am teacher in the department of social sciences and management of disciplines of sociology and social work. My academic and research interests lie in sociology around the issues of integration and social exclusion of social and cultural minorities, especially individuals of gypsy origin. I intend to continue to develop studies to deepen their knowledge in the field of intercultural relations, the understanding of identity formation as a social process and dynamic constantly changing, particularly in individuals Gypsies, where normally there is a tendency to do a analyze socially static.  


  • Magano, Olga (2011), “Pathways integration of Gypsy women in Portuguese society” paper presented  at III Congresso Internacional sobre Migrações, AGIR/FLUP, Porto, 17 e 18 de Junho,  for publication in proceedings of Congress
  • Magano, Olga (2011) “ Identity transformations in the urban experience ", paper presented at the Second International”, Conference Of Young Urban Researchers, ISCTE-IUL, 11-14 de Outubro, Lisboa, publication in proceeding of SICyurb
  • Magano, Olga (2010) “To draw a «normal» life. A qualitative study on the social integration of individuals of Gypsy origin in the Portuguese society”, (2010), Lisbon, Thesis of PhD in Sociology; Open University (Portugal) – URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.2/1750


Gypsies; social integration; identity; social mobility


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