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Full professor, Universitat de Barcelona


PhD. in Sociology, Universitat de Barcelona, 1989 / Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Vest Timisoara (Romania), 2007

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My research interests on Roma are the overcoming of inequalities through successful actions, referring to what research provides evidences to be efficient. I have also developed the communicative methodology, conducted by Roma and non-Roma researchers and oriented to have a positive impact on the opportunities and living standards of the Roma people. From the communicative methodology, I have directed the European Commission funded FP5 Workalo on Roma labour inclusion which conclusions served the basis for different Parliamentary resolutions (e.g. EP 2005). More recently I have also directed the European FP6 integrated project INCLUD-ED the only one focused on schooling, being the Roma one of the targeted groups. Creator and founder of the project of transformation of educational centres into Learning Communities and of the Dialogic Literary Gatherings. Both programs have extended to various countries, there many predominantly Romani schools have move from failing to success. Both are applications of my work on the Dialogic Learning theory. Among my publications there are 13 scientific books, 57 articles in 32 indexed journals in diverse SSCC disciplines. Doctor Honoris Causa by the Vest Timissoara University and the FAGIC (Federation of Roma Associations from Catalonia) 2010 Award for good practices. Both acknowledging my contributions to improve the situation of the Roma in Europe through the implementation of the results of the communicative research studies mentioned above.


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  • Castells, M.; Flecha, R.; Freire, P.; Giroux, H.; Macedo, D.; Willis, P. (1999) Critical Education in the new information age. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield. (translated into Portuguese and Spanish).
  • Flecha, R. (1999). Modern and postmodern racism in Europe: Dialogic approach and anti-racist pedagogies, Harvard Educational Review, 68, 2, 150-171.


Overcoming inequalities, Social theory, Communicative Methodology, Dialogic Learning, Successful actions

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