Natalia ZINEVYCH  

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National Academy of sciences of Ukraine M. Hrushevsky Instute of Ukrainian Archeography and Sourse Studies


PhD, History of Science Gypsy/Romani Studies, 06/07/2006

Academic profile

Working in research to the complex analysis in the general scientific context of the history of Gipsy studies establishment and development in Ukraine. The author has made historiography analysis of works dedicated to actual and controversial problems of ethnic, social-political and historic-cultural development of Gypsies/Roma in Ukraine, examined the processes of self-identification and ethnic marginalization. Research based on the specifics of source base of Gypsy studies in Ukraine: archive resources, Gypsy museums and collections materials, statistics backgrounds, folklore and periodicals. Ukrainian folklore has been considered a source of Ukrainian-Gypsy inter-ethnic interrelation studies. It has been denoted, that Gypsy studies research is presently at the high-level in the world and is gaining professional status, it also must play a very important in Gypsies/Roma ethnic self-consciousness and culture forming in Ukraine. Describes the methodological basis for the studies of local socio-cultural forms of existence of Gypsies/Roma. The dispersed character of the ethnic group's settlement specifies multiple choices of the ethno-social models of Gypsy's culture development. Heuristic possibilities of the local history are characterized as a peculiar research strategy, oriented towards the methods, adequate to the image of sociality, built on the heterogeneous basis of discrete, mosaic socio-cultural reality. The peculiariries of the Roma Genocide on Ukrainian territories during WWII and memory policy research.


  • Tsyhany v Ukrayini: formuvannya etnosu i suchasnyy stan  – In: Ukrayins'kyy istorychnyy zhurnal. Kyyiv, – #1. – 2001. – S.40-52.
  • Do pytannya pro spetsyfiku henotsydu romiv (tsyhan) na ukrayins'kykh zemlyakh u roky Druhoyi svitovoyi viyny – In: Holokost i suchasnist'. Studiyi v Ukrayini i sviti. 2 (6) - Kyyiv, 2009. - S.148-163.)
  • Tsyhany/romy v problemnomu poli lokal'noyi istoriyi (metodolohichni pidkhody – In: Sokhan', Pavlo y Nataliya Zinevych. (Red.) Dzherela lokal'noï istoriï: metody doslidzhennya, problemy interpretatsiï, populyaryzatsiya. – Naukovi zapysky, Tom 19, Knyha II, Chastyna 2, Kyïv, 2009, pp. 577-592. ISBN 978-966-02-5676-6.


Gypsy/Romani Studies, Historiography, Local History, Sourse Studies, Memory Policy

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