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Brief introduction

PhD student and junior researcher, Lithuanian Social Research Centre (Institute for Ethnic Studies)


MA in Sociology, 2009, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

Academic profile

Dissertation: educational field (Bourdieu: methodological relationism, habitus and reproduction of social structure through education); sociology of children (children as equal research participants, methodological approach); ethnography in school (participant observation), historical analysis (Roma policy in USSR, especially Belarus and Lithuania).   Current research interests: social integration of ethnic groups in Lithuania (strategies of adaptation), ethnic policy, social housing policy, public attitudes towards ethnic groups (public surveys), children rights in Lithuania. Previous research experience: urban sociology and anthropology (MA thesis), sociology and architecture, social theory.


  • Petrušauskaitė V. 2010. Dropping Out of School – an Issue of Disaffection, Non-participation or Social Exclusion? Analysing School Policies towards Roma Schoolchildren in Lithuania.// Ethnicity Studies 2010/1-2.  p. 105-120.
  • Petrušauskaitė V. 2011. Starting with a failure: first steps of Roma children in school.// Paper presented at the conference Schooling in Anthropology: Learning the ‘Modern Way’, at Brunel University (London), December 5–6, 2011.
  • Petrušauskaitė V. 2012. Volunteers as supermen? Analysing the role of NGOs in education of Roma. // Presentation at the public discussion Education of Roma children: can volunteering fill in systemic gaps? in Vilnius University, March 26, 2012.


Education sociology, Roma, children sociology, social integration

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