Seminar at the European Capital of Culture

The seminar took place in Marseilles on 26th of September 2013. The seminar has been organised under the heading “European dimension of Roma Culture: scientific and political discourses

The seminar was followed by an public conference “Roma culture in new European realities”.

These public events were integrated in the frame of the European Capital of Culture – Marseilles 2013.

It is for the first time that Romani culture is presented, represented, and debated as a truly European culture as part of a Capital of Culture programme. Talks will be offered by high profile academics with decades-long experience in the domain of Romani studies and the open discussions seek to address the new challenges connected to Europenisation, social integration, and Romani culture.

The program of the whole series of the Roma-related actions is accessible:

See also the brochure ‘Roma and Gypsies, A European Culture’ by Jean-Pierre Liégeois:

You will find a photo album about the seminar on the Facebook page of the network.

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