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Ph.D. researcher, Ghent University


Master degree Educational Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium (2006)

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My major interest is on the meaning of the right to education for irregular migrant children and Roma children; the approach starts from the idea that merely offering a formal right to participate in an educational system is an insufficient means to realize a meaningful right to education from an educational point of view and that new ways to think about the way we conceive of education might be required to do so. Consequences of taking this stand exceed the field of education; in a broader sense it is about larger societal problems and questions to be overcome such as how to empower, include and integrate Roma people in (our European) societies. Reflecting on those issues starts from my case study work in (the city of Ghent,) Flanders, Belgium, where I am active in a lot of in practice initiatives apart from the academic work described above (e.g. development of a Roma self organisation).


  • Maeseele, T. & Hemelsoet, E. (2011). Een handhavingsbeleid voor het OCMW : hefboom tot of bedreiging van een menswaardig bestaan? Panopticon, (5), 65-68.
  • Hemelsoet, E. (2011). Roma: problem or mirror for our societies? In: Roma and Traveller inclusion, Green European Foundation, in press.
  • Hemelsoet, E. (2011). Questioning the homogenization of irregular migrants in educational policy: from (il)legal residence to inclusive education. Educational Theory, 61(6), in press.


Roma, Right to education, irregular migrants, equal educational opportunities, integration

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