Jana HORVÁTHOVÁ (Czech)  

Country of residence

Czech Republic

Brief introduction

Director, Museum of Romani Culture, Brno


PhD in History, 1990, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Brno (now Masaryk University)

Academic profile

In 1991 I established with my three coworkers (Bartoloměj Daniel, Karel Holomek, Eva Davidová) the Museum of Romani Culture in Brno. I created there museum´s collection, especially the collection of traditional Roma crafts and professions and collection of Visual arts, but  The Textiles Collection too and other items. I prefer the research trip to the Roma settlement. I did first exhibition from Roma Visual Arts In The Czech Republic. Majority of presented artists were non professionals. I am interested in culture and history historical Czech and Moravian Roma. I used to the method oral history and realized a lot of interview with Roma witnesses. I  am interested in topic Roma holocaust – Roma Genocide during the Second world war. Because I am historian and museologist Studies expert too, I deal with museum presentation – temporary and permanent exhibitions, I look for the best way and form of the presentation the original historical objects. I give a talk for students, teachers, officers, municipalities and others.


  • Kapitoly z dějin Romů. Lidové noviny. Praha 2002,  84 pages. (Chapters  of Roma history)
  • Sbírky Muzea romské kultury. Výtvarné umění/Visual Arts. Romští autoři/Romani artists. Přírůstky 1991–2005. (190 pages). (Catalogue of collection Visual Arts in Museum of Romani Culture in Brno)
  • Devleskere čhave. Svedectvom starých pohľadníc. Vydavaťelstvo Region Poprad s.r.o, Poprad 2006. (176 pages), in slovak, romaňi, english, hungarian. (Historical postcards with roma topic)


Oral history, Czech and Moravian Roma, Visual Arts, Museum

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