5th meeting of the Scientific Committee

The 5th meeting of the SC has been organised in Marseilles on September 25, 2013.Main objectives of the meeting were:

a)      Evaluating the results and experiences of the First Phase of Network-project (2011-2013);
b)      Fine-tuning the planning for the Second Phase of the Project (2013-2015);
c)      Identifying and expanding synergies and the potential involvement in the work of the EC, the CoE and other relevant bodies.
d)     Overviewing the internal operation of the network and the communication strategy.
e)      Electing the Chair of the Scientific Committee for the forthcoming period September 2013-March 2014.

The meeting day has been divided into two morning sessions (09:30-11:30 and 12:00-13:30) and an afternoon session (15:00-17:00). The topics a), b) and c) has been  were discussed and decisions adopted during the morning sessions while points d) and e) has been were addressed during the afternoon.
Two special guest attended the morning session: Mr Sixto Molina Head of the Support Team for the SRSGR participated in the exchanges with particular focus on the cooperation between the Network and other Roma-related actions at the Council of Europe and Ms Gaëlle Lenfant Vice-President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur has addressed her welcome to the SC and to the Network in Marseilles, European Capital of Culture, 2013.

You will find a photo album about the meeting on the Facebook page of the network.

Here is the final report on the meeting.

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