Renewing the Network Website

Call for Interest: We call for interest from contractors who will provide renewal for this website. Offers should also include maintenance, as well as upgrades and technical support.

  • Quotes are expected by 10 November 2013.



This website is the main communication and visibility tool of the European Academic Network on Romani Studies. It contains sections on the project, the Scientific Committee, events, call for applications and members. Each member has his/her own profile, can log into the website and update information about his/her own activity. The main content of the website is produced and maintained by the Network Secretary, news items are posted, member profiles added and managed, call for applications posted.

The three main functions of the website are 1) to allow and facilitate flexible communication between the members, 2) to provide a user friendly and easily navigable / searchable database of experts and research for non-members, in particular those who are looking for policy relevant knowledge, and 3) to raise the visibility of the existing research on Roma-related topics and promote the network as an integrative project and access point to Roma-related expertise.

We call for a contracter who will provide renewal, maintenance, as well as upgrades and technical support for the page.

Main objectives of the contract

  1. renew, maintain, upgrade and provide technical support for  the;
  2. renew the design of the keeping the main elements of the visual identity of the Network in line with the requirements of the sponsors (EC and CoE );
  3. upgrade the site by adding new features (details in the terms of reference );
  4. extend and make more user-friendly the existing features and functionalities;
  5. facilitate the integration and interaction of the website with the other online-platforms and social media managed by the Network;
  6. optimize the use of the website on different operating systems;
  7. offer consultancy and advice at request for improving the page.


Companies with profile and experience in web design and development n are welcome. Convincing track record and references in website development with multiple user profiles and databases is expected. Experience working with WorldPress is an asset.


Detailed price offers (quotes) shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Network ( The quotes will be evaluated by the Secretariat against a price / quality criteria taking into consideration previous experience with the operation of the existing site.


  • Quotes are expected by 10 November 2013.
  • The contract period is 1 December 201331 May 2015.
  • The website should stay fully functional after the end of the contract period by guaranteeing its hosting until 1 December 2018 or later.

General conditions

The – domain name is the property of the Council of Europe. Full access should be guaranteed (respecting the appropriate security) for the administrators and editors of the site. The website will be kept under the same domain-name and the existing links should remain functional (documents are referring to the site so the links should stay active). The database of the members should be maintained and developed further by adding new features to the advanced search (as described in the technical specifications).

Download this call and the technical specifications.

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