Nominations finalised (15 November 2012)

The first phase of the elections is closed now. The associated members nominated candidates for the Scientific Committee. The nominated people have been contacted to confirm that they accept their nomination. Those who stand as candidates are requested to submit their candidate statements by 19 November 2012 the latest. The final list of candidates will be published on 20 November 2012. Voting will be open between 20 and 25 November 2012.

The list of nominated people is the following:

  1. Mr Alan  Ashton-Smith (declined)
  2. Mr Gabriel Balanescu
  3. Ms Kitti Baracsi (declined)
  4. Mr Giuseppe  Belluschi Fabeni (declined)
  5. Mr David Berna Serna
  6. Mr Juraj Buzalka
  7. Mr Bogdan  Chiriac (declined)
  8. Ms Harika  Dauth
  9. Mr Fabrizio Floris (declined)
  10. Mr Martin Fotta (declined)
  11. Mr Adrian-Nicolae Furtuna
  12. Mr Régis  Guyon
  13. Mr Elias  Hemelsoet
  14. Mr Lubos Kovács (declined)
  15. Ms Cecília Kovai
  16. Ms Magdalena Kusá (declined)
  17. Mr Daniele Viktor Leggio
  18. Mr Marti  Marfa i Castan (declined)
  19. Mr Tobias  Marx
  20. Ms Anna  Mirga
  21. Mr Ciprian  Necula
  22. Ms Tatjana  Peric (declined)
  23. Mr Radu  Petre (declined)
  24. Ms Vita  Petrusauskaite (declined)
  25. Mr Gergő  Pulay
  26. Mr Daniel  Rădulescu (declined)
  27. Ms Raluca Bianca Roman (declined)
  28. Mr Rumyan  Russinov
  29. Ms Alice Sophie  Sarcinelli
  30. Ms Szilvia Schmitsek (declined)
  31. Ms Frederica Setti (declined)
  32. Ms Tatiana Sirbu
  33. Ms Tatiana  Storozhko
  34. Ms Edit Szenassy
  35. Mr Orhan Tahir
  36. Ms Catalina Tesar
  37. Ms Barbara Tiefenbacher (declined)
  38. Mr Georgi Tsvetkov
  39. Mr Ciprian Tudor
  40. Mr Mikhail  Tyaglyy
  41. Ms Sina  van den Bogaert (declined)
  42. Ms Elisabetta Vivaldi


Some of the nominees replied and declined their candidacy (as marked in brackets). Several nominees have not replied yet. Confirmations are not marked on this list. Only those who submit their candidate statements will be included on the final list of candidates.

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