Election for the Scientific Committee

Associate members elected representatives for the Scientific Committee.

Based on the decision of the Scientific Committee on 26 June 2012 election is organised in order to complete the committee with two additional positions. The election has been organised in November 2012.

Update (26/11/2012): Voting is closed. The results are available.

Update (20/11/2012): The final list of candidates and their statements are published.

Update (15/11/2012): Nominations closed. See the list of nominees.

The new members are elected by and from the associated members of the network. (See more details here).

The procedure of the election is the following:

  • The first phase is the nomination. Each person can nominate up to two associated members in one act of nomination; sending both names at once to the secretary. Self nomination is accepted. Nominations should be done no later than 14 November 2012.
  • In the second phase the nominated people are asked if they accept to be candidates, and if yes, invited to submit a short candidate statement. The statement should contain a short personal introduction and some ideas the candidate considers important for his/her agenda if elected. The statements will be compiled into a single document, circulated and posted on the website of the network.The candidate statements are due by 19 November 2012.
  • The final phase is the voting. All participants will receive an electronic ballot (an email with a secure link to a webpage with the list of the candidates) and can vote for up to two candidates. The vote is anonymous and secret. Voting will be open between 20 and 25 November 2012.
  • The two candidates who receive the highest number of votes will be invited to join the Scientific Committee of the network and attend the forthcoming meeting of the Scientific Committee scheduled for December 13-14, 2012.

You can read more details about the Scientific Committee and the previous election (February-March 2012).

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