The Election for the Scientific Committee (February-March 2012)

The first election for the Scientific Committee (SC) of the network took place in the period of February-March 2012. During the previous period of setting up the network and recruitment of membership (May 2011 – February 2012)  the activities have been supervised by a temporary Committee. The list of members on the founding Committee is accessible on the first leaflet of the Network.

The full members of the network participated in the process of electing the 11 members of the SC. The list of 155 full members as in February 2012 is accessible here.

The mandate of the present SC is for three years (March 2012 – March 2015) in order to ensure the continuity of the operation of the network after the first cycle of the project is finalized by the end of May 2013.

The process of election started with the call for nominations and the nominated members were asked if they accept being nominated and requested to submit a candidate statement. As a result of the this process 49 members have submitted their statements. The statements are accessible here.

The voting was open between February 27 and March 5. Each full member could vote for up to 11 candidates from the list in one act of on-line voting. The final result of the elections is accessible here.

Update 1 (July 2012): As a consequence of the resignation of Thomas Acton from the Scientific Committee one place remained vacant.The SC decided that the next person on the list who received the highest number of votes will be invited to join the Committee.

Update 2 (30 September 2012): Colin Clark joined the Scientific Committee.

Update 3 (November 2012): Elisabetta Vivaldi and Ciprian Necula joined the Scientific Committee as representatives of the associated members (see details here.)

Update 4 (May 2013): Enikő Vincze resigned from the Scientific Committee.

Update 5 (7 April 2014): Henriette Asséo resigned from the Scientific Committee.

Update 6 (7 April 2014): Judit Durst and Cătălin Berescu joined the Scientific Committee.

Update 7 (23 April 2014): Jean-Pierre Liégeois resigned from the Scientific Committee.

Update 8 (May 2014): Veselin Popov joined the Scientific Committee.

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