Procedure for soliciting Network expertise

The Scientific Committee welcomes requests for expert comments and advice on draft policy papers and policy reports produced by or for a range of bodies, including governments at national and local level and European and other international and multilateral organisations.


The SC is committed to an open and transparent consultation procedure. Requests for expertise will either be distributed to the Network’s membership, or, in the case of specialised expertise, the SC will use available data on the areas of expertise of its members to distribute the request specifically among relevant members and invite them to respond. All requests for expert comments will be published on the Network’s website, indicating the source of the request and the contact for replies, the date of the request, and the deadline by which expertise statements should be submitted.

Expertise statements submitted by members will be uploaded and made accessible on the website and members will be able to post comments on each request and any accompanying statements.

Download the document here.

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