Responses from members of the Network

to the invitation of the DG Justice

As responses to the call launched among the members of the Network to comment on the progress achieved during the year 2012 in each of the Members States of the European Union to implement the National Strategies for Social Inclusion of the Roma we received the following comments and contributions.

1) Issues connected to the social inclusion of the Roma have been intensely debated on the email list of the network.

  • The list of members who have sent comments and engaged in debates includes: Kai Åberg, Thomas Acton, Timofey Agarin, Gabriel Andreescu, Sam Beck, Barbara Bello, Christian Brueggemann, Sarah Carmona, Elisabeth Clanet, Jan Conka, Radosveta Dimitrova, Ada. I. Engebrigtsen, Eben Friedman, Slawomir Kapralski, Martin Kováts, Balázs Krémer, János Ladányi, Yaron Matras, Lamia Missaoui, Judith Okely, Martin Olivera, Helen O’Nions, Ryan Powell, Márton Rövid, Ana Rozanova, Iulian Stoian, Orhan Tahir, Nóra Teller, and Sina Van den Bogaert.

2) Members have shared the links of their published work connected to the Strategies:

3) Comments sent directly to the Network secretary:

  • Barbara Tiefenbacher on Austria Download
  • Zora Popova on Bulgaria Download
  • Ana Rozanova on Lithuania Download
  • Florin Moisa on Romania Download
  • Andreea Carstocea on Romania Download
  • Marc Willers and Owen Greenhall on UK Download
  • Andrew Ryder, Sarah Cemlyn, and Margaret Greenfields on UK Download
  • Ulderico Daniele: The Involvement of regional and local authorities and the civil society in several countries Download
  • Barbara Giovanna Bello: Fighting discrimination convincingly Download

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