Research internships at the ECMI

Three internships for early career scholars of Romani background has been offered funding by the Network. The call for internships has been published within the frame of the Supporting Roma in Academia actions initiated by Scientific Committee of the Network in the summer of 2012.

The inters will be hosted by the European Centre for Minority Issues’ (ECMI) located in Flensburg (Gemany) and supervised by the researchers of this Institute. The internship periods are staring from February 2013.

The following intern has been selected:

  • Elena Gaudi (Romania) with the research project: Educative measures as alternatives to detention in case of juvenile delinquency for EU citizens
  • Aleksandar Marinov (Bulgaria / UK) with the research project: Inward Looking: the impact of migration on Romanipe from the Romani perspective
  • Diana Pirjol (Romania) with the research project: Overview of the health status and access to health care services of Roma community in Europe: Results of a meta-analysis

See also the news on the website of the ECMI.

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